Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mundane Mudra

Street Signs:

I scan
Tell myself make a note
Copy this print
Put it on a hard-headed-drive
But remembrances are forgetful
And forgiveness a lost virtue
There're matters in the air
Sometimes I catch hold of a few
Cup them in my palms
See visions of flowering plants
It comes with weeds
It goes away with endless needs
Stranded seeds
Where I stood posted
Gazing awry
Looking astray
So pillared
That when my limbs move there's no groove
Justly suspended
I move with the wind
Stormed by everything
Waiting for the breeze
Struck by a sudden sneeze
I begin to learn to walk

Late Apologist:

I'm sorry
Yet here's my apology
You might think it’s a charge-sheet
I prefer to say it’s just spontaneous spit
With spirit
There's no reason as such
It’s just a feeling of sentimental hurt
Yet there’s no injury
Not much
It comes without the violence
Or the expected drudgery
And enters spotlessly
No, there's no injury
There’s only sparkling melancholy
You can call it carefree blurb
That’ll make me drool and slurp
Yet it comes without the tongue
Tho’ I’m out on a limb and hung
Look at it!
It comes hanging loose and shrunk
I’m not referring to the phallus
Tho’ it may sound like one
Mindful crass
Yet I’m still sorry
And now my regrets become like some old forgotten bottomless drum
Or a discarded shirt you used to wear
How it carries the tear
I'm sorry I've this fear
But this is how it has to be
You take your bong and I'll go sit with my gong
(Reminders of wrong thong)
Yet here it is, that moment we dreaded has been threaded
The though becomes a torment
Now it comes
And there it goes
Displaying wrinkled grace
And an unapologetic face
Even as he ties up his knotted shoelaces
Saying sorry my foot
Sorry my foot
As he looks for his laceless weathered old boots
Incensed at the smoking ruse
Such imaginary bruise

No Face:

in preference
like faceless mask
this coffee mug
has no look

Romantic Currency:

It’s Valentine’s Day (woe be gone to the sage)
I’ve something to say
Its 25 to midnight
And the world’s going astray
When it hits two zeroes
There’ll be a lot of heroes
Some will usher in celebrations
Others will mark anniversaries
I’ve nothing against lovers
I just remember troubles
And those that are shot and sickened by Cupid’s poisonous arrows
I’ve nothing against lovelorn Romeos
Or made-up Juliets
Their tragic potions
Or notions of perfumed lotions
I just feel stupid
At this yearly repeat
Of victorious lovesick nitpicks
But the snippets are here
And romance is in the air
Courtship is the fare
I once sold heart-shaped balloons
The kind that’s stringed
Pumped with helium
They go up in the air
And if you watch it rise
It pops before it disappears
And then it falls in pieces
But that’s beside the point
I sold them quite a lot
And the Korean man I worked for said “see how love is bought?”
Now the eve’s closing in
Tomorrow’s gonna be bubbles and bursts
Rings and chains
Songs and drains
Dinners and drunks
Parties and panties
And on the 14th
Along with hopeful beckoning
There will be spiteful reckonings
But let’s not get ahead
Let’s stay engaged
Do propositions
Get married
Make love
And when the time comes
Handle the haste
And get rid of the waste
If things get sour
There’s always that next year's Valentine hour

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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