Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Paints on the Wall

I’d have kept the flies out but there are none
I miss them winged reminders of disturbing presence hovering around us buzzing messages that decoded says “come back from wheresoever you tend to roam”
But like I said, the weather’s warm and there’s none of these flying form
Leaving me in loud solitude
Reminding me that I’m dwelling home in the void
Recalling hits and runs, always encumbered by the batting bat
I’m also feeling lumbersome
The woods are thinning and there’s nothing to knock down
Or to knock about
I’m proud
I’m born
My resultant state of being is an insignia
Why, I’ve even woven in its honor a groovy flag
I wave it all around
Everywhere you’ll see my colors of pride
Look at me- I’m proud
Can you hear me? I’m only gonna say this once out loud-
Badge my name and pin it up on a collar, a lapel or the breast
Do whatever it takes to march in our collective birthright
Light candles
Gather an orchestra
Do those Woodstock concerts
And march on for I’m pride
Fluttering in the four square directions of my flag
In emblazoned identity I strive
Pillar to post
Wall to window
There’s nothing to hide in my pride
But masses of hidden strife
Now see this blade of grass 
It just abides
Weeding out concrete
Cracking cement
Growing wherever it fancies 
The rejected leaf returns
Yet I’ve never heard this plant say “I feel good man! I’m proud to be all grass”
Much less a flower that blooms
A determined weed is what it is
The weatherman may be the optimal optimist
But the weather itself doesn’t give a shit
It’s time to stop being proud of being proud
I’ve a theory it’s what causes wars
And every social ill you can think of
Creating as it does black and white
Stoking a potential fight
Brown and yellow
Dirty fellow
Me and you
And feeling blue
Yeah, pride comes before a fall and there’s a clue
It’s a discolored hue
I can hear the mountains laugh
They are grinning at your skyscrapers
And the oceans are amused too
They smile at you building those sand castles
But let’s not get atmospheric
Or go solemnly retrospective
Let’s get minute
Become earthy
And sing of the lands that are yours and mine
Wave flags of nationality
Become proud
Very proud
Wear badges of the patriot
Deepening divisions
Yet stand there erect
Demanding fair unification
I can’t hear the atmosphere
But you must turn it on flying that plane
Does an elephant hear the fart of an ant?
You can build your world
Your castles that but scrape the sky
They are trying to build a world within a world
Like adding water upon water
Fire upon fire
Air to air
Nature’s add-ons are elemental
Lost in seamless transition
We can’t even fathom
It’s like a phantom
And you’re left asking ‘did it even happen?’
But not your castles in the wind or in the sand
I can see your hand
It’s dirty
And so are your soiled pants
— at Ymittos.


Today was as unreal as yesterday
As surreal as all the tomorrows are gonna be
When this moment comes
It’s already gone
Is that why it retains its freshness?
Knowing that it has never come?
And never will?
Let’s go shoot arrows in the sky
Let’s die a meaningful life
Living in death
Pondering this reality
Coming soon to a body you’re now inhabiting
Wherein you be the star
The hero and the villain
Comedian too
And dramatist, director, producer, critic, consumer
But first let’s get a whiff of this art of living without meaning
Like a river meandering
Quite casually
Almost uselessly
Definitely aimlessly
Down to the sea
And a road that winds
Over to its destination
Minus the fuss and the buzz
Journeying at arrivals free
As all paths do
With their goals
Reaching nowhere
Yet being home
Knowing always
That mortality and death makes it all meaningfully sincere

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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