Monday, February 9, 2015

Robes of Flesh (And Other Garments)


Here comes the mist
As I watch dawn break
Without shadows, shades or substances
Now I hear the rain drizzle
Its gentle, as it lands and as it sizzles
The birds are quiet
Perched among the sheltering branches
Feathered in meditative states
Sitting captive
Looking unafraid
The moments honest
It urges me to do a confessional prayer
Now its lost
For who dares to bare and care is rare
Last night I slept straight and saw bountiful dreams
Tangerine trees laden with fruit
I’m beginning to believe the key is in the erect spine
Sticking your head out of your socket
Harvesting emptiness
Weeding out drowsiness
And as they say 
Be ready to kick the bucket

Partying In:

I went out with insomnia last night
She showed me the moon and the stars and the skies
I saw a movie some other day
Where a girl told me 'remember, there's a sunrise and a sunset each and every new day'
Now I look at life
And see that there's neither the past, present nor the future in sight
Even the moments are come and gone in a flight
Leaving behind waterless streams
And printless consciousness
Wading through pathless paths for lifetimes and lifetimes
Without slight
Just right

Behind a Tale:

Once upon an impermanence
A form was born
Developing solidifying experiences
He built permanence
In that concrete construction he called a residence
He lived an insulated life
Now unable to turn back the hands of time
He takes refuge in broken watches
Staring at nothing for hours
Hoping someone will show up at his padlocked doors at the towers
Holding a bouquet of flowers


Some blurred lines flew by
I caught hold of two
One said there are no complications
The other there are no solutions
Just blurred lines
Crisscrossing your boundaries
And mine
To no mans land

*Ape What?

Here comes boredom
Dead as a doll
Cold as a fish
Languidly ruling his kingdom
Slack jawed
Dull eyed
Lazing about in dumb lethargy
Weaving dreams upon weighty dreams
Building heavy labyrinths
Exploring dead ends
I wanted to study the law and become a judge he drawls
Or not bother at all and become a mime you wanna opine like a pantomime
And what happened you revise your fine line
But some questions shouldn't be asked
As some answers shouldn't be questioned you ponder
But it's too late
The bureaucracy he adds, together with the paperwork makes it all go asunder
And red-tape routines too he goes on
Habits die hard and bad habits die harder still he both philosophizes and apologizes
Why don't you kill them with good habits you proffer
What do you mean he retorts
With that you lay your fair excuses
And exit the door before there's more of this bore
Mingling with gregarious old greeks 
And sharing some pitcher coffee instead

Small Talk:

There has been enough talk about the weather
Don't you think
So much has been said about change
Don't you remember
The weathers as fragile as a feather my dear
Where change is concerned all we have to do is feel in the elements
Or zap the telly
Well what were you referring to
Does it really matter where we are
How many questions does it take
What answer will quieten you best
That the mighty thunder follows the lightning
Before the ecstasy comes the scream
I prefer puzzles
More for the quip rather than the quiz
Like lying in bed I stay up
Walking around I daydream
Flatfooted I tiptoe
And when the ears whistle I get superstitious
I once watched an opera
It was a solo orchestra
The voice befit the singing man
Such is the sight of eyes that blind
Ears that deafen
He understood nothing about everything
Sophisticated bumpkin that he was
The circus he enjoyed
And spectator he played
He set himself free from every gold chain he ever did receive
Offering surrender
Resisting insistence
All the while watching the weather
Hoping for rain but enjoying the sun's rays of feather

Sweet Nothings:

I talk about the weather
You prefer change
I talk about traveling
You come to destinations
When I go on a journey
You go on a trip
First class reserved you said
Incognito I went
You stood in front of monuments
I slept in some of them
Pity you said
Splendid I thought
And then I'm getting a job with a company you chipped in
I abandoned careers I replied, yes I had a lot of them I added
Well what are you gonna tell people you worried
I don't know I said
I guess they will find out as they always do
Strange you mentioned
Sure is I said
And on this note we compared dimes and nickels
Two wings on a bird I reckoned
Flapping two faces on a coin you flicked
One went heads
The other bagged tails
And went our ways

                                                                                  *Dark Bright Lights

I was shadow boxing this morning
Trying to wrestle out last nights dreams
Figuring out their sequence
Trying to distill the sacred from the scary
We are such stuff as dreams are made of said the bearded bald bard
He might as well have said jolly good luck with that
Waking up I'm trying to capture moments
Even fish can be slippery
Ask the fishermen
Or his nets
But I'm anything but faint of habit
Or softened heart
Stubborn I go catch daydreams by nights slumbers and nightmares by days bright light gazing staring into blissful horizons of long distances
Ignorance marks the jagged peaks
Scruffy they stick out
Barren nothing grows there
Like getting up on Sunday mornings feeling the déjà vu
That sentimental tag
The feeling you had this feeling
Remembering nothing
Feeling pretty stupid
Knowing wines not the only grape guilty of hangovers
There's bad spirit
Cheap liquor
Meat of the swine will do that too
Cause stupor
Now here echoes the narrator omnipotent
That voice cajoles
Whispers sweet nothings
Feathering ego
Tickling self esteem
Winking pride
Singing like The Temptations
Let's get out of this dimension
Let's get out of this picture
Let's get out of this frame
Let's get out of this room
Let's go out to the tombs
Let's see the stones
Let's see dead flowers
Let's go out to the flea market
Smell the rot
Pity the poor
Curse the rich
And make believe you have it all
That you are the flour and the baker
Cake eater and solemn dough maker
Creator in chief
Lording over domains of dementia
Smiling at tormented doormats
As you walk along your realm of righteousness
Your city of decay
Your boulevards of bile
Wherein echoes the shattering sounds of your crystal boots
Like academic footnotes in a bulky book nobody reads you explain every little thing
You feel good
The prides puffed and bloated
You swell and you float
Until a stumble on the sidewalks sends you flying
Your balloon pops
You are spattered to pieces
Heads hurting
There's a lump
The dreams gone
So is the empire
Sitting thus you welcome
Sweet oblivion


Live life
If possible enjoy it
But keep death near
If possible keep it closest
And it will set you free
From this one
And the next
As you shall see


Lately I've been playing the drummer with my thoughts
In existential rolls
Sticks and snares
Cymbals and all
Sometimes there's a flourish
Mostly nothing at all
Dead beat
And a thundering whimper

*Jacket Covered

Disconcerting truth hides within tawny leather
Or tied up suits
Dependent on what you wear
Accusatory fingers point without 
Jabbing at feathers
Punching air
Slapping wind
Misreading thus I go wage raging war
Daily confrontations in the streets of mayhem
Life's ground zero 
Here there are no heroes
Casualties of the peaceful mind's expected
There's shallow victory paraded with hollow celebrations
Meanwhile precious limbs are hacked 
Heads are cut
Invaluable extremities are esteemed
Righteous severance displays its ruthless truths
Look how they roll
See how they twirl
Behold this trance
The television has bad news every single goddamn time
The media is bathing in fresh new blood
Shattered and crippled lies the state of the being
So crippled and headless I wander
I stroll
I hobnob
Among dregs of the destitute
The literati
The glitterati 
Housing battle fronts 
Residential warfare
Here lies the crowning attendants assembled with grasping folks
Cherishing clans representing tearing tribes
Forever racing the clock that's ticking
Alarm bells ringing
Sirens calling
It's time to retire
Take Voluntary Absence
With enough guts
Who knows
Maybe even a penance!


Sitting on a chair
Watching the rain call
Listening to it fall

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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