Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swallowing Shadows

He Heard the Sorrow in Her Smiles and in Her Laughter
Just as She Heard His Sadness in the Jokes He Cracked
They Knew Each Other's Frailties
Felt Each Other's Needs-
Unpacked Mutual Wants
Said "i Understand" to Misgivings
Learnt From Misdeeds
Refrained From Chastising
Together They Battled the Shortcomings
Learned to Live In the Gray Areas

Where Black and White Were No More than Just Complimentary Colors
On Occasion Brightened By Rainbows
Arched Over Mountains on Long Drives Listening to Nice Cave Sing "Into My Arms"
Laughing Along
Reading Milestones of Cautionary Phrases and Hidden Wisdom
Photographing Cow-Herders
Furry Yaks
Snacking On Lay's Potatoes Chips
Opening a Bottled-Coke of Happiness
Flying On Red Bulls
Without Hurry
Or Worry
Halting to Touch Waterfalls
Pausing to Soak in the Mist Shrouded Road
Going Where the Coiling Highway Went
Carefree Indulgence
Enough Cash to Fuel the Car
Eating Sammy Sosas  As She'd Call Them
But Some Roads Come to a Dead End
A Tear One Cannot Mend
Or Wipe Away With a Helping Hand
There are Arrivals
Then There are Departures
She Flew
He Drove
But What They Had Still Endures
They Thought They Were Turtle Doves
Such Laughable Loves
Now in Remembrance He Writes Those Staccato Memoirs
Drawing From a Well of Memories
Webbed Dreams
De Javu Occurs
Forever Glad it Happened
For What Its Worth He Remembers
Recalls the Voyage
Pays the Homage
Dims His Desire
Thinks of the Album Gentle George the Farmer Recorded
Sees the Picture in His Head
The Name of the Album that Says
"All Things Must Pass"

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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