Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hard Chews & Soft Swallows

There's a Flood:

Pardon me for this deluge
From time to time a man does require a certain refuge
From forces that are elemental
And others that are sacremental
To ones that are sentimental
Regardless of your many justifiable reasons
Or the changing moods of the natural seasons
Its one for the ages
As often sermonized by the sages
Its not about minimal wages
Or maximal cages
That eggs you to go on rages
Buttoning up solidarity badges
Its the human affront
Vocalizing hypocritical grunt
That ensues with the projected hunt
Of prejudice and prey
Black and white with no grey
Wherein you're the sun and they make the hay
All you do is bray
Blaming the donkey in your stabled fray
And then it all goes astray

Ascetic Sedition:

Keep yer houses
But go homeless
If you let go off the hoard
If you manage to carry the load
There's shelter everywhere for the tender hearted
And more than a sustaining meal for the broken stream
It may not be the whipped top-cream
But you'll come face to face
With your nightmare
And your dream

Soundless Gig in the Sky:

In space
No race
No trace
Of anything ever
Just spaces
Without faces
Or traces
Either in prints
Or in steps
Just mindful vacuum
Neither nulled
Nor soiled
This accommodating void

What's Your Ruse?:

Lonesome pride
Come take me on another ride
Indulging in some restless drive
Up and down the blackened tarp
Listening to some egoistic harp
Blunting whatever's sharp
Fishing for a needless carp
Bashful of our hooks
Proud of the bait
We ply by the brook
In self-conscious gait
We walk and we grate
Such is the ungrateful fate


I'm up in the attic
Sipping latic
Trying to type but its all going static
Which is just as well-
I've been known to go erratic
If not frantic
So pedantic

Zombie Memory:

Expired memories
Argumentative tomorrows
Judgmental presentness
Now playing in a ceaseless theater in your head

Reclusive Renunciation:

From afar highland caves beckon'
I reckon'
Its time for a sojourn
In brief
For cowardly souls like us there's nothing but a snap reprieve
What else can one do
When caught in the web of self-inflicted deceit
But hope for nothin'
Prep up for everything
Be happy if there's a fair receipt


Let's manufacture poetry
See how many likes we can generate
Let's depend on such frivolity
See how seriously it gets take
Let's pretend this is real
Dismiss anything that's braille
Let's put on a show
See how affected we get
Let's deface the naysayers
See the honesty of soothsayers
Let's put on the lights
Imagine there's no darkness
Let's continue the charade
Applause this sham parade
Let's end this here
Before you begin another endeavor
Let's get familiar with fear
Before you start to cheer
If indeed you do
Here's a heartfelt prayer

Middle Fingers:

Sky's up
Earth's below
And I'm spaciously floating in-between what's known as the Bardo
Neither here
Nor there
But having reached this limbo I don't really care
Not caring
Not faring
What I do is fork out the daily survival spoon of just being with chopsticks


Here we are
Getting carried away
Losing all equilibrium
Caught in the whipped up cream of manufactured frenzyness
In tasting sour soup
Whatelse can we do but regroup
And blame the bloody cook

Happy Masks:

The face of happiness is often saddened
By relentless purists and stubborn pursuers
No matter how full of decor the presentations
It reeks of stale exhibitions and enforced pageantry
When forced into your profile
The status has no quo
The display has no glow
And the words do not flow
Suggesting you do not grow


Clearly, its all one gigantic blur
This memory, and all it entangles, a slur
Whether its you, him, or her


Be loud
Unlike the crowd
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt


My body trembles and my mind skips a beat
Though contemplation moves and resurfaces there is no retreat
Let's put together some words
And see if they take flight like birds
And if they do let's see where they fly and sway
Let's see how they glide and lay
Play with whatever’s in the fray
Be gone come what may
Be gone come what may


I sit and I labor
The words I read do me no favor
I'm turning gray and I'm going stray
And I remember these states don't last forever
I get up and I walk
The silence is all I have and there is no talk
The news is full of death and the reports are filled with hate
It seems good news is either delayed or always arriving late
I watch and I see
Anything that has a price tag is never really free
I listen and I hear
Something in the noise that has come to bear
I feel and I know
This is part and parcel of the never-ending show

Brave Little Bird:

There's a pigeon that cooes
As if he's got the blues
All day and all night
He keeps doing it alright
I'm in awe and I've become a fan
There's more to this bird than a man


Hive in my head
No honey
No bees
Cave in my heart
No hermit
No yogic
Hole in my soul
No bowl
No foul

Suffering Silence:

As I keep mum
Sun's come
In the air there's a hum
Bardos a walking bum
As I keep mum

Imaginary Company:

I went out with insomnia last night
She showed me the moon and the stars and the skies
I saw a movie some other day
Where a girl told me 'remember, there's a sunrise and a sunset each and every new day'
Now I look at life
And see that there's neither the past, present nor the future in sight
Even the moments are come and gone in a flight
Leaving behind waterless streams
And printless consciousness
Wading through pathless paths for lifetimes and lifetimes


Don't buckle
Crack that knuckle
Listen to the sound of two palms heckle

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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