Thursday, March 19, 2015

From Cactus Porch

From Afar:

Warring mind
Eyes that blind
Strange kind
Daily grind
Futuristic hind
Sitting in knots
Mental blotch
Scary lot
Die in the cup
Mug full of dregs
C. Bukowski
Drunken sobriety
Reminders of a mate in distress
Heart attack
Almost anticipated
But hope's a hole
Telescopic blunder
News from the land of thunder
Ills without powder or pills
Unpayable bills
Priceless mortality
Familiar deaths
Kicking the bucket from steep cliffs on the drive and in gear
The quiet ones go whilst asleep
No alarms gonna wake up such slumber
Gone gone gone
Here, there and everywhere
Let's chug on
Get chuffed at photographic cutes
Bathe in ritualistics
Robe in the suit
Suit up in the robe
Gho another mile
Horseshit dresssage
Yak conversation
Know this is a dream
That while you sleep you're alive
When awakened still asleep
Tango and Cheri
Piano keys unlock
Black and white dissolve
Pianist unknown
Anonymous melody
Blurbird's faded
Back to the big bang
Bye bye love
We'll coop up in the cove


Dervish whirls
Broadcast swirls
Greenlighted air
Here come the signal
And the signage
From mindless metropolis comes change
Its neon
Its loud
It looks mighty proud
I know what's coming
Its a cesspool of change
In poverty's quest for fame
And more of the change!
The word intoxicates
Poisons the average senses
Insults any modicum of decency
It's tireless
Reeks of bad-exhaust
The meaning keeps resinking ever more to the pits
In the bottmless holes it moles and dims in pathetic flickers
Gimme static
Gimme stale
Gimme stagnant
And gimme boredom
But gimme no change
Keep it
And keep the pence too
I've got freshly minted dimes too
I'll even throw in my collected sikkas from the colonial raj
Just transform
Go or be organic
Stuff more substantial
And if you will
Stop this change
We are already deranged

Backed Obedience:

I was killing joy
It was an heirloom
They taught it in the schools
You were rewarded for your obedient doom and gloom
Being a hermit was not a career option you see
It was for those of a certain pedigree
I'm not one of them
I'm a killjoy
In need of praise
And an audience to feed my insatiable appetite
You may be better
Let me rephrase that
You. Are. Better
You've got it good
You married Ms Mundane
You got the colored scarves
The ribboned shawls
You got the bankers too
Along with the real estate
Yet here we stand
Still tossing coins
In our chosen loins
Killing joy


Hum along with me
Sing these words in your head as you would a song
You can sing them aloud too
Here there are no fast rules
Just tap those dusty old shoes
Think of a good old track
If you would please do the blues
A simple progression in three or four more chords will do
Tune in a little soul in the southern mould
If you be a little bold do it manifold
Chorus this line
If you play the guitar then strum those strings
If you are blessed with sliding fingers let’s have a lick
It doesn't need to be slick
You lead and we’ll follow
If the rhythm gets going we'll drum along
If it gets engaging we’ll do the back-up
If someone has a harp let him horn
If he has a horn let him jazz
Chorus this line
Its neither yours nor mine
Chorus this line
Let's bring a little sunshine
Chorus this line
Everything’s just fine

Not Pictorial:

Frames of the window shadows on the wall
Its sunlight cast in a changing warp
Morning's become another recent memory
Over yonder the city shimmers in the distance
Disguising dusk creeping in from the horizon
A shawl keeps the winds warmly wrapped away
Arguments can be tiring
Steeping back can seem retiring
In a world thriving and throbbing with competitive zeal
Taking a backward stance is a healing meal
One must seek solace where one can find them
And if the moon should stay in the dark one can still find a lonesome star
Its not all about the razzle and the dazzle
Sometimes its not even about anything at all
Sober as it may sound
Quiet silence is the call

Choiceless Guidelines:

Let's leave it all and go
Cut through the rainbow
Start afresh brand new woes
Slaughter a doe
Kick up the dew
Rot with a chosen few
Be done with games
Laugh dramatically
Go maniacal
Feed the ego
Butcher whatever's in the cargo
Start an embargo
Crack mirrors
Shatter hearts
Be vain
Get slain
No mourner
No remembrance
Bugger eulogies
Heck with the headstone
Bowled ash
Even a goddamn grave for the forsaken brave
Let it all bleed
Come infectious disease
Bring forth the maggots
Get germed
Bring bacteria
And die man

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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