Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let's Go Prompt


In-between us all
Dividing shelter
Sheltering divisions
Bare naked walls
Framing us all

No Tango:

Let me be your preacher
And I'll let you be the searcher
Hold your ground
And I'll let you be around
Feign some structure
And we'll begin this one-way lecture
It starts like this and goes like that
You watch the monkey and I'll fetch the cat
A rope or a leash will do
Chains are welcome too
You get in the cage and I'll play the sage
This is beyond what's figurative
We are talking live-zoos
Caves and condominiums
Hog and rock
Pebbles in the woods
Donkeys on the beach
And sand and grog
Stuff nobody knows and everyone's on-about
This is the first of the last thrusts to come
Session's done
Now give me your bling
And go do my thing in their ring


Forgive me
I'm gonna dabble
On matters that are useless
And others that might cause a rabble
When there's hurt
A man is often wont to blurt
A wound kept in the innards fester
Making a man nothing but a machine
Even a despicable jester
One that spews
Chokes and fumes
And no man is deserving of such a fate
Let him write
If he must let him express his state
There's nothing forceful here
No rape
None of the playful bigotry
There's just chalk (the kind that can be erased)
A slate (for those in remembrance)
And scribblings from the chest
Without thumps and pounds
With a certain yearning
Birthed in pain
One sorrows
Suffer as we must
Mere mortal
Let's have the man have his say
The words we use and sound are the stuff of life
In its breath its manifest
No matter how narrow
Or wide
The man
And his strife

One More Supper:

There's smoke in the ether
And a cigarette in my hand
Its burning up the rolling paper mixing ash and sand
There're grains in my head
They come from dreams and not the fields where I laid my weary head
There're mountains in my youth
They rolled me over yonder and now I walk the plains of pain
There's a shadow in my shade
It follows me all through the weather and I can't even slice it with a razor
There're rocks on the knoll
And blades of grass cutting short my stroll
There's war in the name of peace and I'm stuck in a city of ruin and greed
There's choice in the menu and platters in the buffet
And everyone's still hungry for what's not listed
They wanna have a blank cheque
Sign it with a flourish
There's no satisfying a lot this famished
There're appetizers with no signatures
Yet everyone wants a rapture without blemish


You don't have to climb up every ladder you see
Or scale a mountain 'cos its there
Or ambitiously race against time
To be atop at all costs
To see what's already here
This free scenary
And everything growing in there


After a day's thrill
Midnight chill
Still echoes a jubilant shrill


If it be your will
Let's get carried away
Join in the thrill
Be all that you can be
And go for the figurative kill
Should we perchance fail
Let's not talk of thunder and hail
But rather of tides and turns
And all that passion burns
If it be your will
Let's have our fill
Take losses on the chin
And winnings on the shin

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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