Saturday, March 21, 2015

Older Man Lesser Sleep

The Menu is Not the Meal:

poetry and porn
self-righteousness and scorn
yet alive
restless breaths
the word
and the flesh
false pleasures
falling pride
calling names
urging you to take it in your stride
be not so judgmental
saying there's no shame attached to the two words
as in the description
the dictionary
if anything its stationary
poetry and porn

Its Always A-New:

When the same old word gets a brand new meaning
When the same old book gives you a new out-look
When the same old eyes gives you a new in-sight
I’ll come over (if you don't mind the company)
For just a little while
When the same old story gets some new glory
When the same old tale gets a fresh new-sell
When the same old yarn gets a new barn
I’ll hang around (if you want to)
For just a little while
When the same old heart gets a new love
When the same old love gets a new dove
When the same old dove sings a new song
I’ll stay for coffee or Indian tea (whatever you brew)
For just a little while
When the same old hope gets a new pulse
When the same old pulse gets a new throb
When the same old throb gets a new thrust
I’ll stay for supper or dinner (whatever you prefer)
For just a little while
When the same old curse gets a new verse
When the same old scene gets a new sheen
When the same old dream gets a new scream
I’ll stay for the night (if i dare and if you care)
For just a little while
When the same old land gets a new hand
When the same old song gets a new singer
When the same old singer gets a new voice
I’ll stay the night (this wasn't planned)
But when morning dawns
I’ll be gone
Carrying on
As just another wanderer (i hope you'll understand)

Expansive Solace:

a man stares out the window
he's sitting in a little room
its up on a terrace
a roof upon a roof
there's the droning buzz of the engine in the computer
where the man writes punching keys on the board as he types
thoughtful illustration might be stretching it
suffice it to say whatever forms on the screen is a way of being
the moment recalls a line from the factotum man
-that as with anything else in life writing can be a trap
outside its pretty quiet
the evening church bells are ringing
call of the toll saving souls i guess
some have the crescent of the moon and others the cross of christ
personally at this moment in time and space i feel pretty godless
and flagless
but for a friday evening its pretty mute
weekends they say-
the maddening hours starts today
it climaxes tomorrow finally sobering up on sunday
as they say
but i wouldn't know
i've begun separating days from nights and night from the days
i'm trying to swim in what's called the continual stream
or i may even drown
turn turgid brown
be dissapointed and wear a permanent frown
but enough of me
let's talk of her and him
its always easier
when its them against us
me versus you
you against me
it gives us material
the quality is immaterial
but people in the world need other people
its the first ripple
or the cast stone
and though i'm not the socializer i once used to be i still desire approval
or whatever is left of the dragging dregs of desire
i don't see people much
being alone has its side-effects one of which is the solitary search
i used to hold my end of the talk in a conversation
now i find it slipping away in isolation
its alright to feel confused and lonely
too much seriousness can lead to needless solemnity
there's a difference between the two
-lonely confinement has a confounding quality of refreshment
and being formal will surely kill anything that's normal
so we deal with the courtship by going mad
either that or unreasonably being sad
hiding somewhere in there is a nice little niche
a spot where one finds no bother
a crevice of your own among the crags and the cliffs
a crack in between
where a man can sit and be
contemplate chaos theory
deal with his fury
create some hurly-burly
inane matters like the importance of straight hair gone curly
others such as weekends and weekdays
when he's done digging dirt on the meaning of life
this day
and everyday he's alive


i get excited
and then boredom dawns upon me
like a haiku
putting pen in the zen
picturing a hen
visualizing more feather
getting a rooster
pecking worms
a lot of instantaneous humps
throw in the crows
eggs and shells
fields and bells
and suddenly
i'm on a farm
a yard
a meadow
a field
and the woods come alive
the jungle lives
all taking place
in a funny old box called the head


i watch
and try to see
my eyes are turned outwards
closing them causes blackouts
so i keep them as open as they can be
the days are good for the eyes
the day's have light
the nights can vary
sometimes you sleep still
barely alive
almost dead
and those nights are the best
the ones without dreams
the ones without screams
but you gotta work for them
but what the job entails nobody tells
no one tells 'cos noone knows
no one knows 'cos no one's rung those bells before
its a secret
a mystery
you know when you wake up
and then you go back to the way it was
the way it is
and the eyes might be shut but they get no sleep
it would be fine were it lucid
but its not and you feel rancid
you're in limbo
till the alarm prepares you once more
to open out those weary eyes
and if you can
take in the sights
the sweet and sore
until you can finally see no more
and rest those weary old eyes


I expanded my insight
It came back shrinking to this: a picture of some electronic bliss
Coffee, cigarettes and an ashtray
A table of cactus
A porch
A man sitting in a chair
In calming sunlight
Pondering the darkness
In broad daylight

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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