Friday, March 27, 2015

Rain Cycles

Falling Rain:

yesterday's rain
still pours

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle


sitting in
looking out
watching rain fall
and hearing it land aloud
keeping still
keeping quiet
hearing thoughts come and go as if they were alive
finding gaps
finding cracks
discovering spaces where one can rest this weary old breast

Innards Projected:

i’ve gotta get this out
its the insidious smell of bullshit floating above
its coated in perfumed plastic
it stretches its poisonous wings
and flies ecstatic
it scents
and it dips
it fans
and breezes and leaps
it waves and smiles
and dials for miles
its gymnastic
its elastic
just fantastic
it will come and live in your house
wear your skin for a blouse
put on your face
shoot you with your own gun in the shade
tell you its suicide
writes a note and signs in your name
tells you you're to blame
it looks like a lover
like a four-leaf clover
a friend and a mate
unlikely bait
looks like family
its pervasive
its invasive
this bullshit
and its ascendency
it will hug you and then blow you
with dynamite
and tell you you're explosive
what can you do but borrow
from dirty old men and their songs of sorrow
what can you do but imitate
the heroes you pay to see and their funky looking gadgets
what can you do but fake
original face's a mystery and the rest are just retakes
what can you do but try to sleep
waking up is a constant state of flickering distaste
what can you do but feel bad
everything in the world is mad
what can you do but blunder
following orders is a needy stress and the rebels have been put under
what can you do but feel the guilt
nothing is ever right in a life infected with disease
what can you do but bleed
through every pore and prepare for more of the gore
what can you do but be suspicious
when they tell you you’re a trustee
what can you do but doubt
when they tell you of your faithfulness out aloud
what can you do?
but go through it all
hope for a lightning strike
just in the temple
right on the head
in-between the ears
where it matters
-be done with languorous goodbyes


this canvas
is now filled like a frame
hung upon some wall
brushed in words
in beauty and in shame
in need of a look
a pair of eyes
a stare
a glare
and some personalized comment
or bypassed
like a mole on the tip of a nose
or a wart
you bypass
throwing angular glances
making petty little important observations
coating quotations
citing billboards
reading ads
setting up alarm clocks
stroking chin
rubbing both wart and mole
drawing death
declaring life
doing make-up on that faceless flesh
in highlights
that blare and blind

A-Social Grunt:

public neat
private beat
neat person
beat people
and from folks in retreat
comes tourists shopping in brand street
sage this
spirit that
and wander on my earthen-inmates
-break bondage
see that vagabond hond at the wino store?
staring deep
asking the sentry at the keep
-did you buy your designer ego?
-i keep guard
-can't you tell a uniformed slave from a wealthy bore?
i dunno
i smoke stubs
and never dream of cigars
what is that?
a macho man in muscular distress?
-its an alpha-male in feminine stress
like yin and yang?
-i don't know those folks he says and turns ushering in some chinese heiress
we're either neat people on our way to some beat personage
we're beat personnel on our way to acquiring some neat personage
either way
we're beat and neat
we're neat and beat

No Wings:

a bird without its wings
is a bird without any songs
a bird that does not sing
is a bird without a wing
together they make songs of flight
abandonment in traceless surrender
the right guise
watching the rain fall
sprinkle and splash
hearing the birds sing
the air is rife with sound
when the rain runs out of water it stops
when the bird runs out of songs it dies
together with the watcher who does not see
and the listener who does not hear
surrender like the rain
keep falling until you run out of droppings
and the oceans will crop you up
and the clouds will reform and regather
a bird does not run out of songs
when it does it dies
and in silent cries
there's still the song of the bird
and its alive
in-between the baker and the cake
the doer and the thing being raked
if its already happening
you don't have to write about spring
the falling rain

Playing A-Part:

we are carried-away by emotions that just sway
im-balancing the scales
feigning shock and awe
in constant repeat
blind to the state of natural high
surprised and shocked at the resulting mayhem
topsy-turvy non-status-quo
-of things as they are (or used to be)
and falling prey
playing predator
victim and victor
in passive-aggressive displays
its either one or the other
and in never-ending shows
it goes
this high and this low
as long as we are being seen
and talked-about
there's no escaping the fact that we'll always be prone to being
by the good
the bad
and the beautiful
the swing of the slavish emotional sway
likes and dislikes
sentimental blunder
emotional thunder
intellectual surrender
we are carried-away
we become donkeys and we proudly bray
voluntary beasts of burden we say
we marvel at our load
with pride we quote
-when i'm not being an ass they call me a mule
we are carried-away by such fuel
carried-away still as a rule


canonical poem
mechanical poet
-compromising duet

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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