Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The View From Greece

Somewhere on a Greek Island:

washed ashore
now rests
till the next tide

and the next shore

at large
wandering in the mist
sometimes a stick
at others a blur
shaping up as you, me and her
nothing sanguine
this seeming figurine

Sky's luminous
Moon's full
Night's radiant
Bathing in the light
Exchanging halos
Everything's bright

Wandering About on Another Greek Island:

the other day
i saw a tortoise trying to cross the highway
as it went under
time warped
bent and froze
there were no crushing sounds
and brief reprieve now run over by oncoming traffic
there's no relief in crossing highways
for shell shocked tortoises

clouds bursting open
there's thunder in the sky
rains pouring so loud
you can't hear the goodbyes

now still your self
sunrise's setting
sunset's an explosion of red
twilight's gray
moon's an orb
you can't see your nails growing
flowers just seem to bloom
its ok
movements invisible
subjective angles
like being in a train
looking out the window
mesmerized by the outer flow
grabbing your seat
holding your self
losing your senses
braking back
surrendering the struggle
letting go
enjoying the ride
catching the view

Watching the Sea Camped Somewhere on a Greek Island:

Submerged secrets
Swim and
In watery imagination
Splashing everything wet
Wild with intention
Tame with regret

midnight recollections
moons shaping up
clouds glowing
barking dogs find respiratory silence
stray horns hurry in the streets
begging bare and screaming sparse
delivery boys scoot about
meals on wheels
fast food and hungering slow sleepers
water drips off the taps in the kitchen and the loo
you can almost hear gravity reject freedom
mind moves like desert sands in the storm
calms with an unexpected breeze
slow escalation
hawk's eye view
camels blessing
burdening reward
years in the vacuum
who's counting
if you add up the numbers you've to keep up the pile
when you do have a certain sum its a drone and a hum
focusing in parts
totality laughs
misshapen figures
back up to square one and the roots are rotten
sleep cohorts with the awakened
wanderers like you and me can only recoil
as the five senses closes the outer curtains
displaying inner phantoms of the mindless opera
breathless eyelids flicker
as wanton judgments go to war
from prison to prison
bar to bar

from dusk till dawn
i've been painting the day with impressions
dipping them in memory
brushing them with feelings
drawing on emotions
now that twilight comes to claim it
i'll stop playing the artisan
and merge into the canvas of this natural frame

bitter poet
bad metaphor
making sour grapes sweet
in sober stupor

Hikes on a Greek Island Mountain:

sounds of a rushing creek
it leads me down the olive valley
where we meet
and the aegean sea

forget everything
including this attentive distraction
for abstract ideas are like possessions
what can you own-
save for calling them yours
a corpse
come briefly alive
to live forever
in mundane miracles
ultimate death-
all untimed

A Kitty Called Daphne:

They call me names
Daphne they whisper
Scream and yell
As if I care
As if that's my fare
I'm a cat
Not borderline
You wanna feel good about a wagging drooling pet-
Get a flattering dog
That eternal retriever
Sold out hound
Bound in a leash
Barking bias
I'm a cat
I do as I please
From being petted with your hands
To hunting a rat
It's my call
And that's where it's at


A sucker for flattery
He died with a single criticism
Bursting into a thousand shattered egos

Watching Athens Sky:

up above floating white clouds
and great blue skies
riding side by side
with nothing to hide
down below songs of birds
and whistles of the breeze
dancing to that are the rustling leaves
in-between heaven and earth comes the mind
mirroring back everything in kind

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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