Sunday, July 5, 2015

In Zahor Things Are Precious

Around Tso Pema:

Dusk unfolds
The holy lake ripples back the falling rains
I sit sheltered
Gratefully watching
Listening to the music it makes
Wet with surprise
Drenched in amazement
Thinking I've seen this before
Knowing I haven't
Knowing I won't

The Importance of Being Entangled:

Useless endeavors
All clamoring meaning
I'm exhausted
By and with definitions
If things are the way they are
Let them be
Who're you?
Or me?
All these ideas of solidity?
Dried little fruits on the shrink is what we are
If perchance you're lucky the seed will soil, mud and earth
The rainfalls another matter
And fruition out of scope
In such ground
Even if there's nothing but shadows
Count yourself lucky
For you're now becoming aware of darkness
First basis
For first light

Heavy Monsoon:

Nights of thundering rains gone
Days of drizzles dry
Summer sun's back in heat
I've got the book
Its time to find some shade among the trees



Misty Landscape:

Sky silhouettes
Day's emerald mountains
In solid shapes
Black singularity
Angular profiles
Jagged edgy lines

Wolfing It Down:

Lonesome wolf
Loses howl
Forgets snarl
Grins gone
Fangs blunt
Lonesome wolf
Breaks pack
Stops hunt
Surrenders territory
Starts fasting
Lonesome wolf
Stops wandering
Ends drifting
Yearns native tongue
Longs familiarity
Lonesome wolf
Dens alone
Facing wolfishness

Harvesting Bob's Crop:

Bob asks how many roads must a man walk
I'm beginning to believe a lifetime of roads may not be enough
And still you couldn't call him a man
He might get by as a worldly man
And that would be the limit
The physical realm can be tamed
Borders crossed
Seas sailed
Cultures exchange
And there you stand
With your backpack in your hand
Still carrying those ornamental bones from your land
It's Zen
Wherever you go there you are
Still far from being a freeman
But you're asking questions
Getting at some answers
Recognizing clues
You're less passionate
You don't have to be right
Plans are organized disasters
Another bus will show up
The con man is charming
There are options available all the time
Time is imaginary
Space is full
Beauty is an olympian yogic
Drama is a universal play
Gods are touchy
Intelligence is superstitious
Home is a myth
Pride is diabetic
Belonging is temporary
Reality is fragile
Career is concocted
Success is failure
Eggs have to be cooked
The road is long
The road is endless
The road is twisted
The road is spontaneous
The road is full of surprises
The road is risky
The road is moody
Until he stops
The road is the man
How many is just a speculative contemplation

Small River-Ancient River:

The old Beas river is a million conch shells ringing down the valley
The mountains are calm and nameless
The shawls are kullu
The manna is manali


Doubt looks like me
Suspicion looks like you
Trust looks like nobody

Compromising Calls:

Existing with the world's easy
Living with the self is not
These expressions of karmic habit hint quite well at attaining the difficult dharma of true solitude and the pervasive mara of distracting false company
The world's fine
I'm sick
When I wake up from dreams I sleep
Sleeping I dream again
Dreaming I become helpless
Helpless I surrender
Surrendering I float
Floating the water's my boat
Boating I see no shore
Here dreams of earthy ground are exaggerated
Salvation is an insult
And coconuts of awareness hallucinations
I'm just wet with water
Drenched in deluge
I think I'll drown in it
Die in the deep dark abyss
Before looking for dry slumber

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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