Friday, November 20, 2015

Perch & Go

Down in the Ganga a dead man floats on an unlit pyre
I don’t know where his Hindu soul will go
But I’m certain the fish do not care
Up on the Ghats a Shaivite prepares a ritual bong
He offers me the pipe
I decline (my Ganja days now comes back like a forgotten yet familiar old song)
And hope he doesn't feel wronged
Chuckling high he says “But don’t you wanna be on Mt. Kailash?”
I tell him I’m fine where I am unless the Chillum can take me to Hellas

Here on the news there’s more bloodshed
The social-networks have gone Les Bleus though there’ve been bombings in many other places
But this is not some race between races (I guess it doesn't really matter which city or landmark you pick)

The color of blood is always red, sad and thick

Samsara is a stumping place to live in and a baffling one to judge
For nowhere is the grass greener than here in the meadows of Maya’s surge
Thus pining for what is naught we piss off more than we please
Humans that we are we get emotionally-seized
Is there a middle-path you ask?
I guess all paths are middling as long as the path is paved with dualistic binoculars
And we all know a monocular scans only particulars

A bird’s eye view is still a bird’s eye view
Seeing far but still seeing only a few
But you pick what you choose and choose what you pick
Be prepared for inevitable outbursts and live with the usual carrot and stick

Straight Rear-View Mirror-Curves:

You’ve have running away for so long one of these days you’re gonna lose your legs
Now your head was lost a long time ago
Your mind never really mattered
(Wasn’t it broken down a long time ago? And shattered?)
But you sit here sniffing the dying fumes of a firecracker (as diffused as sulphur)
Watching ants on the march
Monkeys on the branch
Buffaloes in the river

Where do you wanna go that you’re so restless?
Who do you wanna be that you’re so faceless?
Why’re you so burdened that you’re so tired?
When are you gonna stop being useful and start becoming useless?
What do you think the world needs to sow?
What makes you imagine you’ve the know-how?

Here I sit
And there I wanna go
There I am
And back someplace I wanna prowl
Thus running I exhaust the days
Thus wasted I ruin the nights
Waking up I start all over
From dawn to dusk yawning asunder
It’s getting repetitive
It’s getting stale
If I keep spinning in this motion I’ll land up in hell
And all my heavenly attempts will fail

Is there a way out and is there a way in?
To get out of the light and still be seen?

The goal you seek is up here but the path you walk is down there
Things are not showcased like that in the realm of nowhere
The Northern Star is only fixed in your swelling head
As is the Equatorial Belt around your widening waist

Thus mindful, de-fabricate
Aware like that, re-navigate


I wake up in a dream
And splash my face with cold water
Wash my hands
And make water-bowl offerings in a makeshift shrine

I light an incense
And smell the fragrance of juniper trees in a stuffy lair
I walk out of the little room that’s become my lodging
Along the Ghats on the Ganges
I see monkeys playing on temple roofs
And dogs sleeping in shaded trees
I see pilgrims dip in the river
And devotees chanting the holy scripts

I keep walking
And comes across the Chaiwallah Baba
I see tourists standing next to the Burning Ghats
Watching funeral pyres from afar
They’re watching death burning
Dazed by such natural sighting

I keep walking
Stopping by the Lassi Wallah
I sip that ice-cold buffalo milk curd
Still watching the gathering crowd
There’s an endless human traffic in the alleys
Everyone’s headed somewhere towards the gulleys

I’m back in my room setting up the evening’s rites
I sit awhile and smoke a bit; smoke a bit and sit awhile (its perch and go, still and stretch)
Night’s come and it’s time to sleep
Yet I still have a feeling this is all just One Deep Sleep

Waking Up:
I rise in reluctance
Like a sitting bull goaded on by a sticky cowherd
Spurred on by guilt and guided by habit
Trying to make my way to Sarnath
Make offerings to the Victorious One Descending That Day
But first I’m a resident of Samsara
An ambassador of Mara
Envoy of Yama
Local Lord of Procrastination
One in whom wholesome deeds are crass

How does the Victorious One touch such a (sh)muck?
Why! By flowering forth a Lotus!
Through all the knots that tie him up
Through all the webs that bind him in
Through the peeping holes of his own deluded eyes
Through every desire that he’s ever satisfied

By flipping them over
Turning them around
Showing him the other changing face looking back in a spotless mirror
By shading all his shadows under the canopying tree

Where battles of loss and gain play-out in heart and head
And head and heart matter as long as they're not set free
Where freedom is nothing but the lack of captivity

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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