Monday, January 18, 2016


It seems we’re quite doomed, drawing hapless comparisons
Like I didn’t see the fullness of one until I was in the fragile company of two
And the quiet contentment of two until I heard the many arguments of three

It seems we’re quite fated, seeking lifelong favors
Feeling cornered, preoccupied with cyclical angles, recreating tyrannical triangles
Where we become fretful shadow-boxers, frightened of the light, at home in dark man-made jungles

So I sought a lamp
A bright idea that became all too damp
You see, once you’re in its hard to leave the camp

I became a philosophical fisherman hooking up lines in metaphysical waters
I baited them in and drew them out with abstract matters
My daily catch of big fish and small fries in constant tatters

I became a worn idea whose brief and borrowed time was consistently torn alive
I was a jagged claw of merciless memories stitching dreamlike fabrics into one giant suffocating shroud
My present reality was a wheeling dealing past punctured by some promising future venture

It was death by remembrance, slowly projected over time

Now I cut a deflating figure, gasping breathlessly, caught executing a state of some grand redeeming crime
I see that yesterday was an empty shell, a hollow design trumpeting loud noises into some solidifying expression, using all its yesterdays
And that tomorrow is its tethered echo, a lasso seductively calling out with thoughtful cries and hopeful music

Now you spot the ham
Now you know the sham

You refuse its proclamations, and you reject its claims, and then you realize with a startle, your reality was made-up of names

You come to your senses, and this is what you find;
That you’ve never seen a thing that does not fit into your eyes
Or heard a sound that did not vanish into those ears
Or tasted a flavor that did not end in that tongue
Or picked a scent that was flat on these nostrils

And touched a thing without any feeling with those fingertips

[And in yet another funeral;
The crescent moon smiles at the crematory
In a teasing bright silvery curve
Where the river runs a mourning gray
The boats are moored in chains
And the oars lie stiff with grief
No playful paddles for this weary night
As darkness shrouds this dividing passage
When morning comes the passage will reopen
Those banked on the other shore will ferry here
And those resting here will cross ashore
Up on the rooftops you can hear the monkeys huddling down for a cold night’s sleep
A peaceful spot is worth any pain
While the bodies crack orange from the wooden heap
Three pyres sparkle alight

And life becomes a sign smoking death; burning without any respite]

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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