Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Early February Poems

The Passage-

I’m just passing through
I wanted to stay home and feel safe but that did not do
I’m just passing through
I thought black was my favorite color until I began feeling blue

Looking back
I see things were beginning to crack
Looking ahead
I see nothing can really be made
But we try and we cry
When the tears have run the tears go dry

I’m just passing through and I see the race
I’m just passing through this endless chase

It’s back on the road and back on the bandwagon
Well I’ve given up my ticket and I’ve left the station
Now I’m just passing through with the last luggage

I’m just passing through
I see the world unfold and it’s neither false nor true

The moment is here and it’s neither small nor great
It comes and it goes like the seasons ahead
There’s also hope and there’s also fear
Telling you you’re either lost or very near

I’m just passing through
It’s a personal calling it has nothing to do with you

It’s neither high nor low and it’s neither fast nor slow
It is what it is and you are more than what you know
Being any less is a mess and being any more is a bore

I’m just passing through
I don’t have a clue to why I’m just passing through
But it feels true so I’m just passing through

When the river becomes the shore maybe I’ll have to pass no more
But right now the river is the river and the shore is the shore
And the passage is the pass that will get you through the barren desert and the luscious grass
Until then I know I’m just passing through

As It Is-

[I felt blue so I looked up at the skies for a clue
Clouds don’t hang around forever and I’m just passing through
I took solace in the sky and all its empty birth
When I forget to remember is when I get buried in the mud

I’ve been under and I’ve been above
I’ve been hatred now I must go beyond love
There’s no me and there’s no you
We’re just expressions holding onto an elusive truth

Look at the ripples and look at the waves
They’re not really here yet they dance without a break
Look at thoughts and look at the brains
The mind that frees is also the mind that chains]


Life sleepwalks and dreams
Falls in love with its senses and its screams
It scoffs and it smirks
Even as it bows to the awakened ones

Such dreams come and such dreams go
In theatrical displays and empty show
The singer may plead (You can’t always get what you want) in the song
But the man believes he can’t be wrong

The years gather dust and the years gather rust
Those dreams are losing their luster and their lust
The will is ill but the mind is made
Waking-up may take time but it’s still not too late

The alarm is hard and the panic is loud
Fear keeps rotting around the clock
The man stirs and the man sees
His reality had been one long slumbering unease

What once was pleasure now cries in pain
Dreams that come true are dreams in vain
The man sees and the man surrenders
To a dreamless sleep that marks no borders


The wisdom-gate guards
You just can’t pass
It doesn’t open on a whim
One can’t just enter such a stream

It’s your dream
Your ice-cream
Your whisper
Your scream

None of it matters to the sentry
There’s no forcing any entry
The locks are firm
Nothing is open

You learn to retreat
You earn your keep
Deal with doubt
Grow belief

You may start-out as the wolf
You may start-out as the sheep
When such labels begin to surface
The path becomes steep

You carry-on
You hurry-on
As long as your wisdom-gates are shut-up
You worry-on

Hope Fears-

I saw hope today
Wounded and withdrawn
Festering in a corner
Snarling its teeth at passers-by
Refusing to come out in the open
Making fun of fresh air
Breathing hard
Limping in circles
Red with anger
Blue with poison
Sitting stoned
Waiting for fear
(Someone very dear)
To come and say it’s OK
(The package had been shipped and that it was very near)
Finally fear walked in
Scared and lonely
With empty arms
Burdened gait
Hairy brow
Looking drag
And defeated
They held hands
And left the sidewalk
Down a dark alley
To a dungeon they called home
We’ll hatch another egg they screamed
And fled


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