Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mid-Feb Feeling


The booze is yours
The hang-over is mine
But when we talk about quitting cigarettes there’s no shine
I don’t feel fine
My attention is distracted
My distraction is attentive
The mind is just prohibitive
Gave up meat
Now feeling the heat
Not doing nicotine is gonna feel like a daily retreat

There’s Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Screaming at his lord
Raging at the river
Screaming through the ford
Melodious man
Made the choice                                                                   
Uses the voice
Dismisses the noise

He sings
You cringe
Takes you to the center and onto the fringe
Edith does it too
Through and through
No regrets
No due

To & Fro-

When a fish jumps out of water
It’s really
When a man wanders
It’s really
And when you come home in a bus
It’s really


In the haste to prolong the taste-
I held a butterfly in my palms
Their wings dusting to the touch
I nearly had it skinned
So I offered it to the sky
And saw those winged-eyes preparing to fly
Now it weaves patterns in the air
Free and fair
And my heart can rest
-Without holding it prisoner in some chest

Up & Down-

The plains have been mountainous
I hope the mountains
Just as plain

No Driver-

Sometimes the road is one straightened direction
Balancing lifelong tension
That has now climaxed
In a tumbling zenith
Veering forth
Steering back
And the zenith tumbles at long last
The fall is sudden
But soft
And the steering is gone
The veering has vanished
The thing
As you see the world in a revelation
All of
And in Trungpa’s wizened words
‘Solid Stories’


It’s been a long day short of being brief
And a brief day short of being long
Where something grieves
And something receives

Morning Med-

I woke up with the dawn
And pilgrims in singsong
Tourists in boats
And locals with their goats
I had chai
With a homeless guy
I paid for the tea
And he gave me a darshan free
I left him when he spoke of pot
And went to the ghats to find a quiet spot
I sat and saw
The sun was still a ruby-red draw
But it wasn’t long
And the sun turned strong
Now it shines gold
And I’m up here feeling old
For times past
And times that might last


I wish I could send you something you could grasp
And hold and hug
Kiss what we’ve both missed
But there’re no such tangibles in the flow of love
The world would put a price on it- as they do with the dove
So all I can send you is the wish
The kind that keeps love alive and free
The kind that gives rise to joy and debris
The kind that looks for neither losses nor gain
The kind that loves and shares that love
Regardless of all the things we confuse as love


Life Slips
Leaks and Drops
Untangle Knots
That Come
Wick and Mustard Oil
Burn Themselves
Darkness Comes Alight Paying Tribute.
Sometimes I Wish I Had No Intent
To be


Playing-out mind-games
I go
Where the winds of karma blow
I stop
Where the legs of Samsara hop
I pick
The scattered fruits of endless misdeeds
I face
The masks of my own-two gaze
I live
Within the confining embrace of ignorant needs
I pray
To find home as a stray
But I’m bound
By all the things I’ve lost and I’ve found

Just Some Reasons Why-

Now the days’ shade and shelter
As I seek comfort in the warmth of the coming spring
Steal a rest in the daylight that’s gleaming
And with a certain dread think of the lonely-nights to come
Robbing me of my roving-sleep and some casual hum

I used to be an owl
A creature of the dark on the prowl
But that was then
When I was busy trying to prove the straight roads are bent
Now it’s come to this
There’s a woman I really miss
I can handle the days
But the nights’ make me go please baby please

Lost in the river and lost in the haze
The days’ deliver and the days’ blaze
The nights have no such distraction
As her face demands all my attention

Her absence is her presence
And she lingers like a scent
Shrouded in such bittersweet memory
The nights are long and filled with her song
Columbus can keep his discovery
You see

I’ve this memory

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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