Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Poems To End February

More Than a Prick-

I’m redefining my understanding
What I’d been taught keeps breaking down in the face of reality
The truth at the root and the truth at the fruit
None of this is anybody’s fault
The discovery of this discovery is life itself
And I’m beginning to relearn
Like understanding is a long, long, process
A lifetime is too short
And like the poet said its ‘Out like a brief candle’
Reality itself is a changing chameleon
The stuff outside is inconsistent
Like the flip-flopping changing-mind
Enslaved to the blow of the wind
The sway of the breeze
This is not a Stand-Up Guy
And what we call life itself is branded with one huge hanging dangling embarrassing Question Mark
It doesn’t answer anything
But it will respond to all your worldly impressions
Tightening the gold chains around your neck
It will tell you the guy who takes care of him-self at the cost of everything else is actually a very Smart Guy
The world’s meanings are going nowhere
Redefining a life that is your own may just take you somewhere
Even if it does not
You’re starting to begin to start a quest long begun…
Or Why the F Would You Be Here?


Up on the highland sky
Determined sunrays streak through the stubborn fog
And floating mist
Down here the pigeons coo outside the window
In playful talk
Flirtatious song
And lungful dance


The mountains hide
And the plains stretch on
Sky laughs
Shrouding it all in mist

No Seal-

I’ve been ill
But not the will
The body breaks
As the spirit builds
Let the germs worm
And let the worms germ
Being me was a causal form
That now begins to inform

I’m still at the border
Where I entered through a hole in the order
And was at a loss to describe this gate; this Bhutanese Mordor

Where does it go? Where does it lead?
What lies behind? Who pays heed?
The wrong questions will keep you busy
The right ones will set you free

Now after months of Indian madness; I fear the mountain calmness
After months of raw poverty; I fear the highland abundance
Nothing good; nothing bad
Simple yin; ample yang

Sméagols’ chattering in the head
With paranoia from last night’s bed
Hidden humility wrestling sudden smugness

Yet what’s there to grasp?
What’s there to ask?
It’s all in front of your face
This heroism and that disgrace

The world’s not at a fault
There’s no such thing as a secret-vault
Everything’s already open
Things are already gained and lost

Now see this play
Harken this act
After taking the exit
Do not respond or react

Be brave and suffer
Be magnanimous and offer
The world’s measurements are a joke
When you begin to see through the flaming fire and the tearing smoke

We feel
Making a big deal
This predestined fate
Where nothing is ever sealed


No time to say Hello; hurrying the Goodbye
I’m none of me
Cut away these falsities
Laughing at ye
Getting this glimpse
That enlarges you

Breaking Bad-

This body sickens
The germs are having a party
There’s a buffet in the chest
A heavy-metal concert in the head
The nose runs
The throat’s irritable
The joints are sore
The legs are folding in
The mind’s all that’s left
An unwilling tenant in a crumbling building
Every house becomes a prison
And freedom from bondage just about begins to spot the glimmering chains of slavery
The beginning of all infections
The ideal disease
This illness
This sickness
The venom that poisons or cures
Now needs
Every attention
Wholesome deeds


Ego lodges
Ego judges
Ego fudges
Ego smudges
Ego budges
In one cumbersome excess-luggage
And gauges and gauges

Nothing to Hide-

I was writing a friend
Telling him my days are labored
And my nights numbered
Not knowing a cell
A molecule
A particle
An atom
Of anything really
And putting on this show
As if this plastic-tantrum will save me
Or shade me from the blazing rays
Or stop shadowing me back with my stolen glory
It’s more and more certain
That any happiness I enjoy is undeserved
If I keep sweeping the dust under the rug
Those bones in the closet
Secrets in the chest
I’ll rot and waste
No one ever lives fully on the run
Or hide forever without a discovery
And lives without being told of his story
That he’d been found
In a bed of nails
He’d made
Against his own wishes
When he’d nothing to hide
Save enjoy that undeserved happiness

Wares & Warfare-

The black-out has forced me in
Places I’ve seldom been
The world loves a good circus
And a never-ending ruckus
I feel sober
Like the seventies-tragic-hero in a pullover
Walking around the changes are loud
The goods are displayed for every street is a crowd
Television’s strange
They’re still selling the greed and the game
There’s never want of players
Victims and victors
Or bookkeepers
In the need for bling
They shine up everything


We are stuck
In two halves of an orb
That floats nowhere
In some spacious hug

They goad her in the west
And harass him in the east
Using cold tongues
And trained beasts

The reptilians skin mammalians
And mammalians succumb to the cold
Without warmth
Losing hold

But this couple jazzes up
Tuning jargon
Making music
Dancing on

Bore In-                                                       

My days are almost done
I’ve wintered by the river
Suffered the metaphysical fever
Overworked my liver
I’ve seen my tongue fork-out crooked
Had earfuls of my own echoes bellowing inside twisted
I’ve had my eyes blinded by sights
Felt the heartbeat in all the wrong places
I’ve seen the urge to makeup and meet
Seen that everything can be an escape from the heat
The drudgery is all encompassing
Though boredom will bring you freedom who’s got such bravery?
The needs are few
The wants are many
Governments are a tyranny
This is when you long for your dear old granny
Now wizening
She teaches you still
That time is imaginary
And life is anything but a drill


True heroes don’t appear in comic-strips
Or become superheroes
Donning capes and specialized powers
They come as ordinary folks and leave quietly as such
True heroes
Don’t come in the shapes and sizes of multi-millionaires
Showcasing the material
Dismissing the intangible
True heroes walk faceless
Affecting a thousand good deeds
True heroes don’t conquer and flaunt the elemental
They naturally harmonize
And coexist
So peacefully you never notice the hundred thousand averted misdeeds
True heroes

Who Wants To Know?-

The mind, when untamed, becomes the ego
The ego, left untamed, occupies the mind
Taking over the body
Reinforcing your specialness
The occupation is complete
When humility dies
Arrogance rules
And the body becomes a worshipped entity
Where needs and wants
Multiply into an endless black hole
Ever hungry
Ever thirsty
This insatiable lust
This famished appetite
All things me, me, me!

Northeast Express-

I was in a train
Training my mind
In track-less attention

Old Dog-

Nothing about this diseased old stray dog in the busy narrow streets of Bengali Tola tells you she’s lost
Though she looks abandoned she’s home in those gullies
The scabies have skinned her red
Her body is wrack of sores
The hairs have vanished
But the eyes glint

And she wanders as only a stray can
Scavenging food
Sniffing dung and dump
You wonder ‘what’s the point?’
Wouldn’t it be better to just kill her?
Spare her this seeming misery?
Yes and no.
No because here comes her scrawny litter of pups
Four little runts
They jump and hop
They’re glee and glue
A hole in a cracking wall is home
Their moments are tender
And the pups are going-
Mama’s back
Mama’s back!
They don’t see a stray
They don’t see our prejudice
They don’t feel the glum
They just see their caring mom
And yes
We see our own misery


Signs come and signs go
That’s how signs hide and signs show
If you look for those signs they’re everywhere
And even when you don’t look they are there
Signs plain and signs free

They come in the form of telling tales
And telling talismans
Goading and guiding
Back to who you were
Mysteriously open
Just as well closed


Fearing ferrying fetters
I tether on
Shackled in chains
Aware of manacles
Boating on
In this


Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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