Monday, February 1, 2016

Three Poems In January

One Last Try:

The moments are wet but the spirit is dry
Where I should be smiling is where I cry
I’ve blown the smoke and I’ve watched the ring
When life came greeting I waved goodbye

I fed the fire and I stoked the ash
Now I’m covered in dust heading for the crash
The flesh is burnt and the bones are charred
I had my dance and that was the last

I’m stuck on a page and I’m losing the plot
I wanna go deep within but I keep floating about
I carried the compass and I followed the map
My cheeks are flushed from the one-handed clap

The freeze hardens and the warmth leaks cold
Flesh loosens and age grows old
I had my spot and I had my light
Now I live in the shadows that once sparkled bright

The deed is done and the seed will sprout
The knees will bend and prayers said aloud
You might feel wrong or you might feel right
It won’t matter much after all we’ve tried


(This poem now exists
With new expressions and old beliefs

This poem lives
With growing pains and worldly gains

Its reading itself
With wearied eyes and repeated cries                                                     

So it ends
With deadened words and lost reprieve)


The river flows
The shore grows
And somehow your broken path meanders more and more

Where rainbows dance
You seize the chance
You take the fix and join the trance

But time stalls
And water falls
Showing rainbows whisper and rainbows call

You’re worried
You’re hurried
But now you see a view that had been long buried

Your reality spills
Your spirit shakes
You see a dancing void nothing can make; and nothing can break

The haste is gone
But the taste is felt

Of rainbows that come and show there’re no rainbows that come and go


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