Sunday, March 27, 2016

Poems To End March

Without a Care-

The Wang Chhu flows
Appearing upstream
Disappearing downstream
Journeying without a care

Without a care
Boulders sit
Rocking the banks
Flirting without a care

Without a care
Spring morning shines back at the sun
Growing without a care

Without a care
Bees buzz
Smelling nectar
Working without a care

Without a care
Butterflies dance
Fluttering in the calm air
Flying without a care

Without a care
Gentle breeze blows
Cooling skin
Comforting without a care

Without a care
Trees wave
Caressing wind
Communicating without a care

Without a care
Prayer flags sway
Praying without a care

Without a care
Haze covers the mountains
Mountains in the haze
Grounded without a care

Without a care
Sky turns blue
From the edges to the center
Fulfilling without a care
Without a care


cold bare spring
don't let the flowers fool you
or the fragrance sweep you

make you hopeful
of all that's doubtful

remember winter
how you froze

or the fall before
how you fell

still nursing
those burns
from summer's frying pan


fired in the heat
still damped in monsoon's pungent sweat
betrayed by each season

without passion
without reason

throughout the four terrible apparitions

still pinning your dreams on another season
still counting your hopes on another treason


I'm here right now
Looking up
Where there’s not a cloud in the sky
Not even a speck

There’s only a vastness
Colored blue
Nothing false
In a void so true

A lot of times I don’t know where I’m going
Or of even where I’d been and gone
Or of even where I might go

Wherever I'm
That’s where I’ve come

As for where I’ll be

I’ll tell you in the past tense
When we meet in the present sense


I see people going
I see people coming

I never see people being

Sometimes I envy their busy-ness
The business of the ten thousand things they must do

Seems ever so important
Compared to this dilemma I’ve


Where I am
Where I might be


This perfect spotless sky
Just might be the place to be

The day-

I had coffee with an angel
She paid for both cups

And flew away leaving behind a sandal

There’re things I can and others I can’t handle

Like a sandal

The sandal in my hand makes me feel like a vandal

It’s a scandal

So I walked clutching it in my hand
Singing a song without lyrics or a band

My legs walked me over to the gallery at VAST
Where artists confront blank canvases and wanderers dig into their past

The walls in the studio are cold but receptive
The eyes that scan out are restless but inquisitive

But the paints are warm
Awaiting hearty imagination and heavy storm

The canvases stare back white and blank

You must paint upfront
Here there’s no flank

There’re brushes in jars
Imagination in palettes

And later whiskey waiting at the bars

The artists gaze tells you of a spark that wants to create a blaze

I’m a guest

Sitting on a chair
Playing with my hair

Pushing the boundaries of what I can and cannot bare

But from head to toe

I sit

Immersed at it all

Without forgetting free coffee



There’s true denial in your false remembrance

When you mention forgetfulness
You do so as if a person could be so easily erased

In daily truths 
We lie
To ourselves

In daily truths

Comfortable in the sham
That the world couldn’t disagree

When you tell such lies
As in

(I’ve moved on
It wasn’t meant to be
Now I’m happy)

There’s a goodness in the lie that tells the truth
Where the lie takes no alibi
Of how it used to be
And what might have set you free

But I’ve not forgotten

Everything is a remembrance
Of a denial so strong
It can't be wrong

That I remember it every day

From the kitchen
The bed
The coffee
The river
The mountains
The woods
The sea
And all that could be

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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