Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Spring Winters

Couch Potato-
I fell asleep in vague recollections and sharp lust
Sandwiched in the middle between a comforting heart and a seductive bust
Where choice comes in to tell you ‘you must; you must!’
Keep fingering these deathless memories and those memorized fingers
Then the good old couch played foul
It ate me up nice with rice-floaters, milk and bowl
It threw me up and threw me out
Now I’m up and watching the coming rout
So I woke up to a brand new world of old new make-up
With chopped prep in the kitchen and bedroom excitement to keep up
Now I’m on the streets and there’s a chasing pack
My front is vulnerable and so is my back
I’ll kill this day and surrender the night
Go back to my couch and offer it another bite

The certainty rises and builds
Like the urbanization of rural fields
This nail won’t hammer in
It sticks out like some sore has-been
I must make peace
Before peace makes war
I’m the most useless person I know
Like a broken arrow on an unbent bow
There’re others of my ilk
But they’re still made of a certain silk
There’s nothing usable here
Not even a single strand of still growing hair
There’re very important bald heads
Even if I shave and shave I’ll never really get there
Knowing my uselessness is my use
Where everything else becomes just another ruse

Today's mood
Its shaping up to a sentimental food
Where open hearts close in on subtle secrets
What once was full now cries in regrets
Wholesome eggs crying for broken fried omelettes
The mountains in the distance are now forlorn
The trees are sad
The bird songs are suddenly melancholic
Even the dogs are down
Like a roadside alcoholic
And our glorious Buddha of the Hill himself sits in a longing mold
Bathed in blinding gold
As if anxiously waiting to be told
There will be no more patches sewn on his new robes of old folds
It's a picture missing an end
A road missing a bend
A jilted piece awaiting gilded contentment
I think i know
Why it feels so slow
Its this missing feeling
That there's a person out there with whom you should be sharing
This feeling
This moment
This day
This valley
And everything passing through
This otherwise beautiful sunbathed unfinished morning

Day Seductress-

I watch
This day undresses itself
Like a woman who gets you on
Without being in a hurry
Taking her own time
After another
In secret confidence
Knowing it’s all about the revelation


she hardened the loins
softened the heart
turned on the pants 
melted the breast 
played her part
you could say she was almost perfect
from toughened heels 
to her fragile northern chest
the things she did
from the bed
to the
were never apart


So let us welcome this day
Here once more
Neither yours nor mine to say
But here anyway
A little chill
But bright and warm anyway


Last night’s moon
Outside the window
With sunshine
Bathing bright
In my head

on legs
on wheels
with heads
with hearts
getting carried away we get carried away
we think it’s the sole-less shoes
the tired-treads
the many brains
the heartless hearts
when there's nothing to point at
the pointer
profiling jagged mountain edges
giving it names
giving it faces
keeping it possessed
ready polished manners
consistent shining graces

Thing-Less Word-
Katie croons
Melua swoons
Cooking soul food and jazz
Counting bicycles
Thanking stars

Eating the blues

Where love demands
Choking supplies
Where the routes are jammed
Where protesters play pawn
And dead bystanders are born

Its open doors are closed

Where entries stay stuck at exits
Where the halls are gagged
Where the floors are staged
And impulsion is ragged
Where weary eyes enforce heavy sparkles
Where defeated hearts snack on cold crackles
Where tired old shoes drag involuntary wills
Looking around
Asking who will you dance with?
Without any music?
And a retard and a redundant play the hot couple
In freezing thaws
Shooting snaps
Putting it on virtual maps
Saying there we were!
Look at these shells!
Look at these husks!
Meanwhile I’m a fly on a cliff in the Himalayan Kingdom
The high capital
With a low budget
With nothing to show
Everything to blow
I'm the the joker
In this circus
Now I play spectator
To this
Merry go around ruckus
The show is big
The show is intimate
The show is hairy
The show is shorn
The show is the flower
The show is the thorn

Crystal Cloud-
Cherry blossoms
Blue skies

Laughing at weathermen

Where I sat head up trying to follow up 
Cabbage clouds 
In a tango
Of soft two’s 
And Mexican stand-off’s 
Spacious three’s

As they swirled the void
Mocking our seriousness


I don’t know better.
I know worse. 
This confession is just another accursed verse. 
The Masters are leaving, one painful reminder at a time. 
We’re not worthy. 
We are unworthy. 
My merit is zero, negative. 
Collective merit’s a fast draining store. 
A leaking pool. 
Nothing positive. 
There’s bargain and barter. 
Locally made and globally sold. 
We’re all held. 
All on hold. 
No one here’s bold. 
Everyone’s caught the flu.
And the cold

The important thing is to remember the unimportant thing
Flaws now become peeping holes, through which I may gauge myself. 
The ideal is tidal, ebbing to and fro along the shore. 
Waving it. 
Shaping it. 
Changing it.

What I don’t know shadows what I do. 
Perception is playful. 

The eclipse alights in dark reminders. 
The absence is the presence.
And in all our comings and goings- 
We’re all exactly where we need to be


i'm here 
quite obviously...

Two Much-

Your life is an excess. 
There’s too much of everything. 
The prison of abundance is still a prison. 
Making a choice is a discriminating affair. 
The freedom to choose constricts the person of choice. 
A man of worldly means ends his life calculating his gains. 
If that. 
His losses are nothing compared to the loss of the chance to forsake it all

The River-

All this happens by the river. 
The river is home. 
The river is sacred. 
The river is life. 
The river also talks, if you care to listen, answering all your projections. 
When projections subside, and there’s a lull in the incessant need to label and box the object, the river is still there, still flowing.
Smoothly making its way to the sea. 
But a man won't budge. 
There’s nothing more a man likes to do than sit, watch and judge.
And that's his greatest curse


Avoiding life, death ensues. Regret is a flower that blooms late. 
If at all it manages to bloom. There is suicide. 
And there is death cursed with a long, long life

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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