Thursday, April 21, 2016

Three Poems in the Midst of April


why so serious?
is there a leakage in your fountain of youth?
a hole in that pot of gold?
did you not wake-up this morning?
are you not having another day of life?
do you still wanna defend and protect and expand?
your empire of crumbs?
what else can you do?
can you not foresee breakage?
know that things that have come together will fall apart?
are you not frustrated in your pursuit of more free-time?
do you now see its futility?
its hopelessness?
its stupidity?
are you not tired of planning like you're gonna be around for the next five hundred years?
do you wanna be around that long?
does that not sound like a drag?
or is it just dawning on you?
that the sun's already setting?
and now in the dusk of your life, won't you enjoy the twilight?
or are you so hellbent?
on eternal life?
on immortality?
on permanence?
on solidity?
that you won't risk one single presence of fragility?
this vulnerable moment cries out, and you're deaf; 
blind with ambition, hard with goals
soften now my friend,
melt a while
its not that bad
see how life lives even as it dies
and even as it dies; see how life lives

through the middle
without turning left
or steering right
like following your weary legs
somehow still on the footpath
in the moment
without chewing the past
or cooking the future
i sit and watch
butt on the sofa
eyes on the telly
where the energies flow
from the pungent musk at the clocked tower
to the bored musicians at mojo
when stuck by the presence
i surrender
share a fag
blowing smoke without fire
i'm where i need to be
where else could i be?
i see you're but naturally free
if you would take off your raybans from duty-free
it seems our burns are only as hot as our flames
when its cool as the moon, actually
yet naughty as the stars
this cosmic broth
you think is your personal serving pot

i've returned the leash
handed back the reins
knotted it all on one big tether
hooked it to the ether
i've heard the last command
the final wish
rejected the instruction
shot my own direction
i've jumped off the precipice
swung off the cliff
refused the help
declined the chute
i've found myself falling
filled the void
recognized the machine inside
one android
the black hole now turns fair
becomes a white stair
floats through gravitas
grounded in the air
free of morals
done with ethics
when the penultimate judgment dies
there'll be no more cries

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!


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