Monday, June 6, 2016

Early June Poems

Art- Jampel Cheda
Bank of Wangchhu-

A perfect evening
Now marred by a willing observation
Flows down south with the Wang Chhu
Roaring with rains
The river
This feeble infraction
Merging it with those bird songs
Coming from the river’s banks
Dusk has come
And with it
The day transforms

sugar-fly dreams-

even flies
at nights
call it a day
close in their wings
rest their weary limbs
relax that needling tentacle
and go perch somewhere and sleep
i wonder-
do they look forward to some jolly sweet fruitful dreams?

Heart Attack & Fool-

The Universe is yours
(I hope you find it Spacious)
The Way you want it
(And the Skies too)
With everything it contains
(From above the Glittering Stars to the Diamonds buried below)
We've crossed the Line
(I’m Fine)
But here’s a free tip for times gone by:
It’s better to Rip-Off a Man's Heart
Than to slice it and dice it
Piece by piece
You should know this
It’s the one that's beating in your chest
It's called a Heart for those who feel
And a Body Part for those who buy it with a Dollar Bill
(And just another bothersome Organ oft used as an emotional Slogan. Or a tool. The Fool)


The season is moist and wet but the poetry is dry and set
The rains cloud up and fall but the poetry does not hang around or call
The mist rise and hug Thimphu's mountains but the poems keep falling off in loose contents
The birds fly around and sing their songs but the poems keep quiet like some broken gongs
The trees green and fruit but the poems are graying in a suit
The flowers go vivid with their blooms but the poetry is bald without any plumes
There's more majesty in a turtle dove
Than in any poem on printed earth
There's more joy in a child's play
Than in all the words

In all the bard's plays

Artist- Unknown
Sudden Song-

In the receptive silence of the earth
Sky falls
Moisturizing clouds
Dropping as rains
Quelling all doubts
Pouring its heart out
Letting the ground know
There never was any separation
And if there was
It was all in the mind
And now all the things he thought he beheld
As earth, vapor, mist, cloud, rain and sky
Vanished by and by
Never lost
Now found
This was just the mind’s playful song

Caring Fun-

Have some more fun
Take some more care
In a moment we’ll all be gone
And none of us will really be here
But if we’re back
Then really no worries
All we gotta do
Is have yet more fun
And take yet more care
Until we’re done with it all
Chasing the fun and taking the care
Then we can finally rest
And restfully share
Giving back all the fun
And returning every care

Lhakhang- Jampel Cheda
Good Morning-

In the garden
The laundry lines are bare
Where sparrows touch and go
And turtle doves meditate nice and slow
Like monks hooded in a feathered robe
They perch and they probe
Above the rainclouds are looming
A rainbow appears
Arcing the sun
Now merging with the sunshine
Now gone with the skyline
Here in the porch the wind is a breeze
Where butterflies glide in ease
And all the tree leaves in the garden jig and dance
Deep green
Swaying in the summer sheen
Now don’t ask me about last night
When we have such a good morning

Ps: YourLustForLifeStartsRightNow!

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